All Weapons in Battlefield 2042

Alle Slagveld title has done an outstanding job in building an atmosphere that truly reflects the era they are setting in. Are from map weapon, Battlefield 2042 is not an exception and players can participate in epic battles while playing one of these experts, the replacement for the class system.

Considering it’s only been released a while since the game was released, there are only 22 weapons in the game. During its life cycle, a Slagveld The title received many updates, including new maps and weapons.

Here are all the weapons in Battlefield 2042.


  • M5A3
  • AK-24
  • AC-42

Light machine gun

  • LCMG
  • PKP-BP


  • DM7
  • SVK
  • VCAR

Tweede wapen

  • G57
  • MP28
  • M44


  • SWS-10
  • DXR-1
  • NTW-50

Tommy Gun

  • PBX-45
  • PP-29
  • MP9
  • K30

Utility Weapons

  • MCS-880
  • GVT 45-70
  • 12 million AUTOMATIC All Weapons in Battlefield 2042

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