ASUS ROG reveals ‘battle-ready’ Wi-Fi 6 router

Asus ROG announced its latest high-performance Wi-Fi router, Rapture GT-AX6000, today. Rapture balances modern features with a strong futuristic look that may not be available to everyone.

Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 boasts the same features as other modern high-performance routers such as Netgear Nighthawk AX12—A highly rated wireless router with comparable elements. Features include Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz operating frequencies, Aura Sync RGB lighting, speeds up to 6,000Mbps, and other game-ready bells and whistles as a dedicated gaming port that prioritizes hard-wired devices.

Looking at the expected performance of the Rapture, the Asus ROG pegs the Rapture GT-AX6000 as capable of up to 6,000Mbps wirelessly with ASUS RangeBoost Plus. While the similarly rated Nighthawk AX12 clocked in at around 1,320Mbps on a wireless connection, according to Cnet, performance will vary depending on the user’s environment. However, it seems reasonable to expect quick performance from the Rapture GT-AX6000 considering the speeds listed by Asus ROG. The company puts the Rapture GT-AX6000 at 1,148Mbps on 2.4GHz and 4,804Mbps 5GHz for a combined 6,000Mbps.

Another important feature is the Wi-Fi chipset and quad-core Broadcom 2.0GHz 64-bit CPU that increase network throughput by 18% compared to previous Broadcom Wi-Fi 6 models. This can translate into faster performance and data transfer speeds. The Rapture GT-AX6000 shares this same DNA with its $649 quad-band sibling, the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 that was announced in CES 2022. Although it’s not too powerful, the Rapture GT-AX6000 still presents a lot of performance at a glance for the casual player.

Looking at the nuts and bolts, the Rapture GT-AX6000 has a wide range of connection options. Ports include four RJ45 LANs, one 2.5G WAN/LAN, one 2.5G LAN, one USB 3.2 Gen 1, and one USB 2.0. In terms of connectivity, the Rapture GT-AX6000 outperforms the Nighthawk AX12 with more current USB connections and faster port speeds at 2.5G LAN over 1G LAN.

Asus ROG lists the Rapture GT-AX6000 at $399.99. The router can be found on NewEgg or Asus ROG official page. ASUS ROG reveals ‘battle-ready’ Wi-Fi 6 router

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