Atlus could make Persona 6 a PS5 exclusive, explains new rumor

Er is een nieuw gerucht opgedoken over hoe persona 6, Atlus’s new JRPG, possibly a PS5 exclusive.

There’s no secret persona 6 under development at Atlus and Sega. Atlus teased the game with series 25th anniversary merchandise, and a major announcement is scheduled for Fall 2022.Now, a rumor is claiming persona 6 will be revealed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Where is the new? persona 6 Where do rumors come from?

Het persona 6 is a PS5 exclusive rumor first shared on the podcast by an insider named Nate the Hate. Hours after the podcast was published on YouTube, Kitguru Gaming pointed out and it was shared on Game leak on Reddit.

In the podcast, at about 59:50, Nate the Hate mentions believing persona 6 will be announced as a PS5 exclusive. But do not mention if this is due to inside information, or speculation. The podcast also covers other leaks or rumors. But all have been shared, or are reasonable comments. Most notably in regards to unannounced transformation games Xenoblade 3 and a new one Huy fire.

  • DAN – Persona 25th Anniversary Trailer

Dying Light 2: Stay Human | Official game trailer for why



Dying Light 2: Stay Human | Official game trailer for why





mei persona 6 is exclusive to PS5?

Personally speaking, I believe it’s unlikely persona 6 will be a PS5 exclusive for some reason. First, Atlus debuted persona 5 on September 15, 2016. And it’s a PS3 game with a PS4 version.

Since then, Atlus has worked on or released Catherine Full Body, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Dancing Persona 3 and 5, Persona 5 Royal, Shin Megami Tensei V and Project Re Fantasy among other projects. Het ziet eruit als persona 6 has also been in development since then, meaning development will begin on PS4.

Second, it is very difficult to find a PS5 in Japan. The lottery system is still in place and every day, the game stores publish share articles about where you can get a console. Shows how scarce resources are. While Persona Now that it’s a mainstream franchise worldwide, I doubt Sega would risk making it a PS5 exclusive without a PS4 version. Seeing the PS5 situation in Japan. Unless Sony specifically asks them to do that.

Last but not least, it always takes Japanese studios several years to fully transition from generation to generation since switching to HD. Companies like Bandai Namco, Koei Tecmo, and the like are all rolling out games as cross-generation and it doesn’t look like they’ll stop until a few more years.

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