Battlefield 2042 promises ‘years’ of updates, admits fan complaints

After a week of early access, Battlefield 2042 available for all players to download and play. Is the latest entry in Slagveld franchise, the game looks set to offer future battles on a massive scale. While multiplayer has logged in to the multiplayer-only title Since its launch, a lot of fans have been unsatisfied with the game.

In a recent blog post, developer DICE talked about the present status Battlefield 2042. For starters, it notes that millions of players have signed up for the game. According to the developer, this player count is almost double the number of players compared to the previous release. In addition to mentioning these impressive numbers for the series, it also acknowledges post-launch issues affecting game performance.


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DICE has released a statement about the ongoing problems Battlefield 2042 and give some details of a plan to address these issues. In the post, the developer said that they are paying attention to the feedback of Slagveld community as it prepares future updates to the game. In addition, it also revealed that 3 separate updates have been scheduled to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Battlefield 2042 Complaint List

While several patches to the game have been shipped to improve server performance, the blog post has given dates for a few other updates. Update #2 comes out on Thursday, November 25, and update #3 drops in early December. Furthermore, another update is expected sometime before the end of the year, while the company There are also plans to reveal more details about Season 1 in early 2022.

In addition to giving dates for these updates, the blog post detailed some of the changes that are expected to happen. Among other things, the November 25 update looks to balance Hovercrafts, fixed respawn issues and reduced ammo scatter for many weapons. Additionally, the developer has detailed what to expect from the early December update, revealing that it’s much larger. The focus of this major patch is on improving overall performance, with additional bug fixes for the user interface and vehicle animations. Furthermore, it seems to address issues with player progression, along with making “150+” minor improvements to various maps included in the game.

At the end of the long announcement from the developer, it highlights that support for the game has arrived. “This is just the beginning!” it reads. It will be interesting to see how these upcoming changes come from developer impact Battlefield 2042. Hopefully they bring improvements to the gameplay, as the game is currently one of the worst rated title on Steam. Time will tell if these updates improve reception from fans.

Battlefield 2042 momenteel beschikbaar op pc, PS4, PS5, Xbox One en Xbox Series X/S.

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