Control 2 should add melee forms to service weapons

For all aspects of Controle Having received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, the game’s battle is one of the most memorable things about it. Every new psychiatry technique Jesse Faden learns, from Throwing Objects and Fragments at Hiss minions to Capturing enemies to turn them against each other, adds a fascinating new layer to combat. Of course, fighting in Control as well as Jesse’s signature weapon, the Service Weapon, and its many gun-like forms. Controle encourages players to upgrade and master each form of Service Weapon, which simulates numerous gun prototypes, giving players even more great options in battle.


Maar ook al ControleMysterious psychic powers and gun simulation, it’s a bit lacking in one department: melee combat. Jesse only has a single reliable melee attack, a short ranged effort blast, and using it excessively can cause her to hurt because Controle encourage players to always move and stay behind cover. Remedy Entertainment pointed out that it is working on a Control next part, sounds like a perfect place for Jesse to do more melee attacks. Furthermore, Jesse had the perfect way to learn new melee attacks, as the Service Weapon is fully capable of transforming into any blade or bluton she needs.

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Extending the Authority of Service Weapons

Transparant Controle, Service Weapons pretty much always appear as guns; it’s a gun in Jesse’s hand throughout the game, and whenever Zachariah Trench is seen holding it in flashbacks, it takes on a Trench-specific gun form. However, Control provide convincing evidence that the Service Weapon is also useful as a melee weapon. The player receives a Service Weapon Case File near the beginning of the game, and this file suggests that the Service Weapon could have been some powerful mythological weapons of the past, including Varunastra, Mjolnir, and Excalibur. If that’s the case, then the Service Weapon is more than capable of functioning as a melee weapon.

Considering how malleable the Service Weapon is and how many forms it could have in the past, there’s no shortage of melee weapons it can emulate. Controle 2. Jesse can sometimes wield a sword or hammer, emulating some of the most famous forms of the weapon. Additionally, Service weapons may be available in several smaller, faster forms that transform into daggers or maces. Adding at least one form like this will go a long way diversification 2 . controlfight.

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The Service Weapon’s melee form can still function very much like the Service Weapon’s gun forms. While melee forms may take the third place among active forms in Jesse’s inventory, they can still work at least partially on the ammo system. Melee forms can replace Jesse’s old melee attack with a series of light attacks, but Service Weapon’s melee forms can also have a special attack or ammo-like ability. as forms of ranged. The remedy may even go far such as allowing the player to equip nothing but melee forms for the Service Weapon, allowing the player to bring Jesse into the heat of battle whenever possible.

Next steps to control


Improvements such as new Service Weapons are crucial to the build Controle next part. Although it’s nice to see the Remedy expanded Controleof the legend by discovering its relationship with Alan Wake series, it is important that Remedy remember to find new opportunities in Controleof the game, too. Whenever an indie game becomes a franchise, it’s always wise for a developer to consider the weaknesses of the first game and strengthen those parts of the series. Because the Controle, melee combat inevitably falls behind with intense gunfights and supernatural powers, but thankfully, Remedy has the perfect solution in Jesse’s hands. Now it just has to decide what the Service Weapon will turn into next.

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