Fans Go Nuts After Zack Snyder Teases DC Crossover

Alliantie gerechtigheid

Zack Snyder probably wasn’t paying attention when he found out he was trending these days, which is how often it happens. True to form, his four hours cut Alliantie gerechtigheid was one of the top Twitter topics yesterday as fans named it the 2021 movie they are most grateful for.

While the filmmaker has repeatedly admitted that he finds the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse movement an honor, he also made it clear multiple times that Warner Bros. not much interested in resuming a 15-year working relationship that ended when his preferred version Alliantie gerechtigheid hit HBO Max in March.

However, being less of a tease by nature, Snyder shared a social media video showcasing his Thanksgiving turkey, which in itself is completely innocuous. However, strategically placed in the background is a copy of De absolute ultieme crisis with a pair of laptops placed on top. As you’d imagine, this was enough to send SnyderVerse supporters down the rabbit hole.

binnen Laatste crisis In the storyline, Darkseid succeeded in using the Anti-Life Equation to enslave humanity, where he fought against various members of the Justice League, with Batman being one of the dead. casualties. Assuming we know Anti-Life and the Dark Knight’s death are important parts of Snyder’s Alliance justice next part, he knows exactly what he’s doing when he posts.

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