‘Hawkeye’ Is The Latest Marvel Show About Grief

Based on a glimpse of Disney+ s Hawk Eye made available to critics (two episodes, with my email address imprinted on everyone’s facial expressions), there is a model in the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows that have begun airing on the Internet. parent company’s streaming service, Disney+, this year. WandaVision, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, en nu Hawk Eye: They seem to be where the story machine is sitting in the fallout. Marvel’s movies continue to get bigger – half the world’s population is about to die, etc. – and the movies simply don’t get long enough to keep up with the damage done to today’s cast of characters. more expanded.

So we have these alternate shows where one or two characters from the movies are stuck in a rush. Away from the dramatics that save the world, these shows can be a little different from the movies — aesthetically, thematically, tonally, there’s more room to explore these characters. And mostly we catch them when they get over what they’ve lost. WandaVision obviously about grief, and Captain America en de Winter Soldier there have been leaders rebuilding their own identities after personal loss. Havik oog, in the first few minutes, was Jeremy RennerClint stared at an actor dressed as Black Widow, thinking to himself about how Rogers: The Musical did not understand the Battle of New York properly. He seems aloof and preoccupied. When a nimble girl appeared with her own training in the art of war—Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop – his main reaction is to be fed up with the burden of dealing with her.

However, around Clint, Hawk Eye are having fun. The series is inspired by excellent works Matt-fractie en David Aja rennen Hawk Eye comics and some of that fun will be included in the show. The series is particularly interested in Clint navigating the Avengers fandom, which has some form of absurdity in the episodes I’ve watched. Steinfeld is a spiritual Kate, and in her family, Kate’s mother (Vera Farmiga) and almost scabies (Tony Dalton) are rich, entertaining forms that offer baroque performances. And even though Fraction is just a consultant producer on the show – not by Marvel but by the director and producer. Rhys Thomas, after a referral brokered by Seth Meyers—His writing makes it throughout the show in a way that is distilled, although Fraction/Aja Hawkeye is a significantly different character from Renner Hawkeye.

I have some concerns. Hawk Eye most of it was Christmas season — so much so that by the second episode, I was tired of the jingle of sleigh bells. The spirit of the holiday, along with the overarching themes of grief, suggests truly pathetic possibilities. It was enhanced by Clint’s calls home Linda Cardellini, as Hawkeye’s wife, who seems to exist only in the living room of her cozy home, protected from the wrath of New York City. The contrast between Laura and Kate, like that between Laura and Natasha Romanoff, is stark, but the MCU has exploited that in the past to remarkably poor results. At least Hawk Eye takes Steinfeld’s breezy atmosphere and refreshing presence to establish itself to tell Clint’s story on a more human — and less superhuman — scale.

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