How Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Won 40 of Trump’s Voter Lawsuits

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro knows how to win elections, run elections, and keep them safe and fair. In his home state, he set the record for the most votes ever in Pennsylvania’s history for any office at any given time.

He also told Molly Jong-Fast in the latest episode of Nieuwe anomalie has overseen — and won — at least 40 cases of alleged voter fraud brought against the state after President Joe Biden rightfully won the 2020 election and former President Trump not.

Shapiro says the success rate is because he and his fellow Democrats were prepared as soon as they noticed Trump was muttering a “big lie.”

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“When the former president started talking about how bad voting by mail and how Democrats would try to steal the election, all his greatest successes, I immediately gathered a The team in my office includes attorneys from both of us. our crime division and our civilian division,” he said. “We basically have three focuses that we’re trying to address first.”

One is making sure everyone has access to the polls, the second is making sure voting takes place securely, and the third: “How can we deal with impossible regulatory challenges avoid after the election, try to refuse to tally everyone’s votes? ”

It also helps that, according to Shapiro, the rare instance of any kind of voter misconduct is by people trying to vote for Trump. It’s ironic! So what does he think Republicans are trying to get to the purple state? Take it away.

“I am in this game. I will not be discouraged. I’m not afraid of what they’re coming up with,” he said.

Elsewhere in the episode, former Stockton, California mayor Michael Tubbs, author of Deeper Roots: A Memoir of Hope and Homeland, tells Molly about the fatal flaw that cost him his office chair. “For three years, I didn’t answer [mis]information because it’s so stupid. And it’s ridiculous,” he said. “I think it was in the name of the mayor to respond to some Facebook blog saying I was stealing money. But that’s not the terrain we’re in. Tubbs also talked about what Dems should focus on that Republicans are really good at: emotions.

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