How to build a Fluffy Snowman

After finishing Snowy Past Quest, you should check the event table for something called Born of the Snow. If you click the button on the bottom right, it will show you a specific location on the map. This is ours Het Genshin-effect A guide to help you build a Fluffy Snowman for the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event.

Opmerking: Voor meer informatie over het spel, zie Het Genshin-effect gids en centrale functie. Evenzo kun je de hoofdgids voor het Shadows Amid Snowstorms-evenement bekijken.

Het Genshin-effect Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event Guide – How to Build a Puffy Snowman

When you arrive at the location, just west of the Adventure Camp in Dragonspine, you’ll notice that you can interact with the body of the snowman. Unfortunately, we’re missing the rest of it. Here’s where you can find these:

  • The Snowman Head – The Snowman Head can be found as a reward when you complete the objectives in Dragonspine Combat Training and Train Dragonspine Tracker.
  • Snowman Components – For everything else like hats and other accessories, you can try your luck doing the Dragonspine Follower Training activity. Ice cubes that you melt, more often than not, will contain an ingredient.

Genshin Impact Puffy Snowman Born Of The Snow Shadows in the middle of a blizzard 1

Vraag je vrienden

Alternatively, you can ask your friends for help. Open the Born of the Snow panel and click on Exchange Components. The first tab allows you to donate excess items, but try not to buy too much as your friends may need something specific to replace.

Meanwhile, the second tab allows you to get content from your friends. If you want to make a specific request, click on the Favorites List to see the ingredients you already have as well as the ones you don’t.

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Make your own frosting

Once you have the Snowman Head and all the ingredients, simply return to the previous location. You can then choose the types of items you want your snowman to have. I’m not sure if anything specific is needed for Puffy Snowman in Het Genshin-effect, but I just randomly selected various things and the quest is still completed.

When you’re done, just save your work and check the dashboard for your rewards. You will get 20,000x mora, as well as the 4-star Cinnabar Spindle sword.

Opmerking: The Born of the Snow board only has the Snowman Mark One quest. Others will be available in the coming days as we move further into the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event in Het Genshin-effect.

Genshin Impact Puffy Snowman Born Of The Snow Shadows in the middle of a blizzard 2

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