How to Find Thunder Stones (& Every Pokemon They Evolve)

Only one Strong Electric Pokemon can be extremely useful in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Glanzende parels, especially in Pastoria City, where players play against the game’s fourth gym leader, Crasher Wake. For example, a Pikachu can very lightly execute three of his Pokemon, however, as usual, the Pokemon’s evolved form, Raichu, can handle things faster due to the higher base stats and set totals. move stronger .

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Sadly, however, earning a Raichu isn’t as simple as just leveling up a Pikachu, as the iconic yellow rat is one of two iconic types of electricity that requires a Thunder Stone to progress. chemical. Brilliant diamond & Glanzende parels. This means that those hoping to get the most out of their Pikachu will need to keep an eye on one of these elusive Evolution Stones, with a number of different options available to them as needed.


Where to find a Thunder Stone in a brilliant diamond & shining pearl


Briljante diamant & Glanzende parels Players who want to get their hands on the Thunder Stone can do so in several places. Probably the easiest is in City of Sunyshore, which the player can find in the southeast of the city not far from the large lighthouse where the player finds it Volkner. There’s another one hidden in one of the rooms Solaceon-ruïnes to the east of Solaceon Town and a half above Weg 229 near the southwestern part of the large pond.


In addition, players can farm Thunder Stone by digging Grand Underground. It can be quite a time consuming process, but as players will need to find 42 Mystery piece to complete all the activities at Ramanas Park, they will probably pick up quite a few Thunder Stones in the process. If they have more than they need, they can always sell ice at the Poke Mart for a little extra cash.

Evolved Pokemon using a Thunder stone in brilliant diamond and shining pearl

  • Pikachu -> Raichu
  • Eevee -> Jolteon

Omdat Briljante diamant & Glanzende parels only includes Pokemon up to generation 4, they only have two Pokemon that evolve using the Thunder Stone. The first of these, Pikachu can be found in the Trophy Garden area, which is located behind Pokemon Mansion on Road 212. eevee is the second of two Pokemon in the game to evolve using the Thunder Stone, and will given to the player by Bebe in Hearthome City when they had seen all sorts of Pokemon in Sinnoh and then had their Pokedex upgraded by Professor Oak.

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