‘I Was Mad for Him’: Woman Pulls ‘Hilarious’ Prank on Uncle in Little Caesars Drive-Thru

A video that shows a woman pulling a prank on her uncle in a Little Caesars drive-thru has gone viral and the internet is in hysterics.

The video, found here, was posted to TikTok on Sunday by KaPrisha Burris (@og_pri). So far, the video has racked up more than 446,000 views and over 65,000 comments.

“Watch until the end,” read the video’s text overlay. “He was so mad. I was trying so hard not to laugh at the speaker.”

The video opens with Burris ordering 12 pizzas at the drive-thru speaker. The Little Caesars employee—Burris’ uncle, who doesn’t realize he’s speaking to his niece—begins to tell Burris that he’ll have her total at the window. But before he can finish his sentence, Burris cuts him off.

“Wait—I would also like to get ten orders of crazy bread,” she told her uncle.

Her uncle, obviously exasperated, tells Burris that the order is going to take a while to complete.

“There’s only two of us here,” Burris’ uncle said.

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As Burris pulls up to the pickup window, she honks her horn and starts to laugh. Upon realizing that the customer is his niece, Burris’ uncle opens the window and asks, “Why are you playing?”

He then walks back into the restaurant to tell his coworker, Austin, that the order is canceled.

“No way, I was about to go crazy,” Austin said when he saw Burris laughing in the drive-thru.

Commenters thought that Burris’ video was hysterical.

“This was hilarious,” said wantobherd. “He wanted you to cancel by saying, ‘I don’t know how long it will take.’ He hated when you said, ‘OK, I’ll wait.'”

“Austin was about to go crazier than the bread,” wrote Sarah, followed by a laughing emoji.

SIlhouette commented: “I was mad for him.”

“All I’m saying is Unc and Austin need to star in their own show! They can call it UNC AND AUSTIN with the tagline. ‘I’M ABOUT TO GO CRAZY,'” joked sammiev2.

Ladiablaa619 added: “THIS HAS ME CRYING!!!”

A video that shows a woman pulling a prank on her uncle in a Little Caesars drive-thru has gone viral and the internet is in hysterics.

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