January 6 Inmate reveals the horror the Deputy Warden said after leaning over him

The establishment’s media considers almost everyone present at the Capitol on January 6 as a “domestic terrorist.” Some of these people were arrested and sent to prison without a chance to come into contact with anyone.

“Capitol Punishment” tells stories from January 6 that the media won’t, and it premieres today – Thanksgiving Day. It is certain that get your copy now.

Cowboy for Trump founder Couy Griffin was jailed for involvement in January 6. In the film, he describes the disturbing conditions he has encountered.

While in prison, Griffin said he only met the deputy warden once. He said she essentially took the opportunity to justify the treatment he was faced with.

“She bent over my cell and she said through the little slit that they were feeding me,” Griffin said. “And she said, ‘The only job these guardians have is to keep your chest moving up and down. “


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Griffin is just one of many American when their stories are ignored or distorted by the establishment’s media. If you want to know the truth, get “Capitol Penalty” now.

Should Americans face this treatment?

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In addition to those chilling comments, Griffin said he has faced numerous personal attacks in prison. He told the filmmakers that he was called by names like “f*** ing white cracker,” and that the staff members expressed disdain for his political views.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve heard chants, ‘F Trump, F Trump, F Trump!’,” Griffin said. “And these belong to the guards who work there.”

U.S. citizens are being demonized and mistreated even without evidence that they acted violently on January 6. The establishment media may not tell their story, but “Capitol Punishment” does. It is certain that get your copy now.

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blanco January 6 Inmate reveals the horror the Deputy Warden said after leaning over him

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