Monster Hunter Rise PC Will Be Mostly Caught Up to Switch Version

Capcom announced the PC release of Monsterjager staat op will be mostly caught up to the Nintendo Switch version once it arrives in January 2022. To be specific, it will offer everything up to Ver.3.6.1. The official Monster Hunter Twitter account confirmed this information. Additionally, the official website listed the content that will be available for PC players upon release. It will include the sonisch en Monster Hunter collaboration, along with monsters that were made available through version updates. Capcom plans to have the PC version fully caught up to the Nintendo Switch release by February 2022.

However, the website reaffirmed that the Monsterjager staat op will not offer cross-play between the PC and Nintendo Switch versions. Additionally, cross-saves will not be supported. Capcom originally announced that cross-saves and cross-play would not be a feature for Monsterjager staat op in October 2021. The developer and publisher stated that after looking into making this potentially possible for players, that it would not be able to implement this feature.

Monsterjager staat op is immediately available for Nintendo Switch. So is the new sonisch crossover. It will release for the PC through Steam on January 12, 2021. The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion is planned for a Summer 2022 release. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be paid DLC content.

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