Platinum Games-voorzitter Kenichi Sato treedt af

In 2016, Platinum Game President Tatsuya Minami stepped down and CEO Kenichi Sato stepped into the role. In other words, at least 5+ years since then, for game developers and publishers. The game includes Nier: Automaten, Keten van zielen, The Wonderful 101: Remastereden Devil’s World have been released since then, with another set to arrive in 2022. It seems Sato is satisfied with the condition Platinum, and has now announced his resignation.


Similar to Minami’s departure from Platinum, Sato stepped down as his chairman and chief executive officer over a month ago, only confirming the leadership change publicly now. Sato is stepping down from his role at the company with apathy, releasing a public statement detailing some of the key decisions he oversaw at the company. These achievements include forming a capital alliance with Tencent, launching Tokyo Platinum Game studio, and the development and initial publication of Platinum’s private IP.

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Sato confirmed that he is not leaving the company entirely at this time, but plans to remain part of Platinum in an advisory role. However, this type of transition often occurs in key roles at companies Sato won’t have any major roles at Platinum going forward. He is only available when needed for inquiries or transitions.

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Replacing Sato as president of Platinum Games is founder and main producer Atsushi Inaba. Inaba has worked as a producer on projects including the original Phoenix Wright trio at Capcom, Okami en God’s Hand at Clover and some of Platinum’s biggest projects, including Bayonetta 3. Inaba will deliver Sato’s message of focusing on accelerated and expansive game development, with “skill in the creative side of the game” a key factor in his becoming president of Platinum Games.

In a statement, Inaba describes how playing video games “connects us, sets us free,” regardless of our background, language, or experience. He didn’t give any specific directions or goals for the future, but did say Platinum will continue to self-publish in the future.

What this means for Platinum going forward remains to be seen. The transition comes as a significant surprise, especially with the three games slated for launch in 2022. Perhaps the evolution of Sun Crest, The Fall of Babylon, and Bayonetta 3 revealed issues in Platinum that the new management will better handle in the future. All fans can do is look forward to these games and move on Platinum forward development.

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