Roblox klaagt YouTuber aan wegens 'terreurbedreigingen'

Roblox Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Benjamin Robert Simon aka Ruben Sim for harassment roblox players and creators. Simon is accused of leading a “cybermob” and spreading terrorist threats for years on the platform. Roblox Company is seeking $1.6 million in damages and is suing Simon for breach of contract, fraud and four other counts.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, November 23, and alleges that Simon promotes “illegal conduct designed to cause bodily injury.” Roblox and its users. “Simon recently posted terrorist threats that caused the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco to close this past October. He gathered a kind of ‘cybermob’ and made the comment. about the shooting at YouTube headquarters in April 2018. Something similar will happen to roblox and its creators. Similarly, Simon has made other misleading threats such as the threat to RDC 2021, where he warns workers not to show up for work the next day, suggesting the San Francisco police department is on the hunt. an unnamed radical Muslim. This has forced the 2021 RDC into a temporary lockdown while police use resources to scour the facility looking for any hazards. The Roblox company claims that it has to pay $50,000 to investigate misinformation.


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Plus, Simon was banned years ago, has been active on the service since around 2013. Since then, he has found his way back several times by hacking accounts created by others. roblox there’s even a group of moderators dedicated to surveying him and deleting any suspicious accounts he holds. This has resulted in over 100 accounts being deleted as well as attempted IP bans and “poison bans” on Simon on many occasions. Simon’s original ban covers user harassment and the use of racist and homophobic profanity, as well as the uploading of photos of Adolf Hitler and instances of sexual harassment.

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Dit is niet de eerste keer roblox got mired in controversy when the company recently had to ban a number of Roblox users who are trying to recreate the mass shooting of 2019 of Christchurch in New Zealand.

As the biggest company ever (more valuable than Ubisoft and Take-Two combined), it may be time to start rolling out harsher systems to root out the bad guys. harassers harass users, especially when the audience tends to be younger. However, The Roblox Company has stated that they are focusing heavily on attracting an older audience, so there will be many of the same problems as the one with Benjamin Simon.

roblox Available now on PC, Xbox One and mobile devices.

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The source: Polygon

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