Royals prefer fetish with BBC Way

The uproar began last weekend, when it was reported that Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Charles have combined to threaten the BBC with a three-household boycott of a new documentary, titled De prinsen en de pers. The film, it has been reported, will claim that their office made brief notice against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to weaken them when their plans to leave the British monarchy were made public.

The palace used similar tactics earlier in the year to successfully land an ITV documentary, Harry and William: What went wrong withdraw request that William’s team came up with a story that questioned Harry’s mental health when the Sussex exit opened.

But the BBC will not be revoked. The broadcast has continued Monday night, presented by corporate media editor Amol Rajan, with part two coming out next Monday. The first episode doesn’t go into detail about the allegations; The second episode follows this Monday — neither the royals nor their aides are pre-aired, although the BBC has reported that the palace has offered to provide the right to reply. Royals prefer fetish with BBC Way

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