Rust ‘Devastation Unleashed’ Console Update Release Time & Server Removal

'Devastation Unleashed' is de eerste gratis inhoudsupdate voor Rust: Console Version, and will be deployed later today (November 25) with the official release time confirmed by the developers.

It will be a busy day for Rust: Console Version players not only Devastation Unleashed arrives later today, but we also have a monthly server removal process. So, to get you ready for the new update and server removal, here are the release times and details for both.

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Rust | Console version release trailer for Skin Store



Rust | Console version release trailer for Skin Store





Rust: Console Version ‘Devastation Unleashed’ Update Release Time

Thank you officials Rust: Console Version Twitter , we know that ‘Devastation Unleashed’ update release time will be 9am PT / 12 noon ET / 5pm GMT.

A new patch will be rolled out on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms at the time mentioned above, once your game is updated and the servers are back online you will be able to switch to seeds. New maps, new skins, new tech tree system and gestures.

We’ll be releasing a separate article with full notes later today, so stay tuned!

When to delete the November server?

On the last Thursday of every month, Rust: Console Version The server is completely deleted. While a brand new update will roll out later today, fans can still expect the monthly removal to go as planned.

However, timing will be a little different for the November takedown. Fans can expect the servers to be taken offline at 9am PT / 12 noon ET / 5pm GMT for an hour while the update rolls out and the servers are removed.

After that, the player will be able to return Rust: Console Version in 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT with the monthly server removal complete. It’s also important to note that this month’s removal will also completely reset the blueprints for every server.

24 november 2021

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