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Amoranth pioneered to become one of the Trekkenthe most successful female streamers. While not without some hiccups and controversies, one could argue they’ve relied on the success she’s found, especially in the last year. One of the most iconic examples is the hot tub meta that has passed Twitch earlier this year, offered mixed views on why pornography should or should not be allowed on the streaming platform that teens and children frequently use.

But adult content seems to have taken a hit, especially after Twitch stated that it wouldn’t discriminate against attractive women or audiences who see them as such, even in the case of Amouranth who has explicitly stated that she is making money from her body and making good money from it. The hot tub meta is followed by the ASMR . trend, which still shows many streamers licking microphones in exchange for purchased subscriptions and bits. Now, Amouranth has set up a new Twitch meta centered around, again, yoga pants, but this time, when playing the classic game. Twister.


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Amoranth Twitch Content


Sexual content has become Amouranth’s trademark, although her life and career have other focuses as well. Aside from several successful mantles, Amouranth hopes to one day open an animal shelter, and she’s combined this life goal with Twitch’s Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos Category. She’s still wearing her yoga pants, but its contents are a lot more wholesome and innocent than she’s usually known for.

And this streamer has been recognized by many other big names on Twitch like Ludwig as skillful. For example, one tactic she uses to engage viewers is to add a green circle around her profile icon. Not only does this make the profile stand out, but it can also give viewers the false impression that the streamer might have a new ‘story’ to watch, similar to the Instagram feature. There’s no this feature on Twitch, though, so it just takes them to Amouranth’s page or her live stream.

Still, Amouranth has been temporarily banned five times as of 2019, it all seems to be for pornography that goes beyond Twitch’s guidelines. However, none of her restraining orders lasted more than three days. Some theorize (and complain) that Amouranth may be receiving special treatment from Twitch, although her reaction to the ban or monetization suggests that she wasn’t aware of it. Given her popularity, it’s possible that Amouranth was on Twitch’s recently leaked ‘banned’ list, but it’s believed to be dated anyway, so there’s no way to really know.

Notwithstanding, Amouranth used her with success as an adult streamer on the streaming site in her favor. Audiences are easily captivated by her content and it seems like she’s always finding new ways to innovate her channel to match or to be in the media spotlight again. NS Twister meta is a clear example of that.

The premise of Amouranth’s new Twitch streaming style is simple. She play Twister on line alone, it seemed to be her own original idea, and quickly began to attract attention online again. Like hot tub threads, it can be found on the Just Chatting page rather than grouped into something a bit more obscure. Because she can be found so easily, Amouranth is able to attract a wider audience.

While there is certainly a sexualized element to it, Contents of Amoranth often lean towards the humorous side. Sure, she got banned for ASMR licking her ears, but some clips show the streamer wearing a rubber pigeon mask and banging her beak on the microphone repeatedly while it’s in a provocative position. So even if she ends up getting banned for Twister thread, Amoranth does not take these Trekken metas is too serious and simply creates content that aligns with her brand.

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Twitch voegt een nieuwe categorie toe en Amouranth is nu al de populairste streamer

Amouranth schakelde over van haar normale bubbelbad en ASMR-streams om mee te doen aan de viering van de nieuw geïntroduceerde IRL-categorie van Twitch.

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