The Internet is spreading Marvel’s Avengers on Spider-Man’s web


Image via Marvel

Marvel's Avengers launched more than a year ago and later this month everyone’s favorite neighborhood hero Spider-Man will be joining the game for those on PlayStation, however, fans are not satisfied.

Many have been waiting for Spider-Man to join the roster of this game that already boasts so many iconic Marvel heroes, however, the character’s execution has disappointed some fans. .

Earlier this week, the first gameplay footage of Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers was introduced, and fans quickly took to social media to criticize the way the character looked “dull” while surfing the web.

Of course, Spider-Man is known for his ability to move quickly by swinging from a spider’s web but in this game, things look a bit grotesque and not as smooth as we’ve seen in previous Spider-Man games. this. Since Spider-Man is not the focal point of this game, it’s unlikely that the mechanic will look as slick as it has been lately. Spider-Man PS4 But that didn’t stop fans from being disappointed.

Spider-Man will be participating Marvel's Avengers on November 30, and it’s not just the web rotation that annoys fans. At the time of replenishment, no new story quests will be added Marvel's Avengers. In the past, with the addition of new characters, there have been coincidental quests, but despite his popularity, Spider-Man has not received this treatment.

For now, Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive character that you can choose from next week.

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