De twee broers gingen naar het openbare bad, maar de vader wist dat er problemen waren toen er maar één terugkwam

As a mother of two young boys, I have had my fair share of bathroom awkwardnesses.

Straightforward remarks from toddlers about overweight strangers in the ladies’ room who are nasty, blind, “is anyone here?” scouts sweep the men’s rooms so my older sons can get in on their own while I stand guard outside, wondering if I’m really just a paranoid helicopter mom.

However, this is the kind of story that reaffirms my belief that, when it comes to young children in public restrooms, you really can’t be too careful.

In 2015, the family of two young boys had dinner at a Jacksonville, Florida, McDonald’s when small children have to use the restroom.

The two boys, ages 6 and 7, used what the family calls a “buddy system” and made their way to the boys’ room.


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Unfortunately, the system did not work.

When the 7-year-old returned from the bathroom alone, the child’s parents were suddenly concerned.

Just as they were supposed to be.

Based on WJXT-TV, the troubled father entered the boys room to investigate and came across a scene that would make any parent bleed.

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A strange man was coming out of the stall and behind him the father found his 6-year-old son pulling up his pants.

Fortunately, the horrified father jumped into action.

He took it out of McDonald’s and chased the defendant pedophile, a 33-year-old homeless man then determined as Keith Andre Sykes, until the suspect fled.

Thankfully, after being alerted to the incident, patrol officers later found Sykes hiding in a trash can and arrested him initially for possession. marijuana. Then they set him on a capital charge sex pin after he was identified by several witnesses as a suspect.

“The father, as I said, realized something was wrong, he ran after the subject, trying to catch him,” Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Superintendent Michael Bruno said at a meeting. reported after the suspect is detained.

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Details of a sex crime against the boy were not provided, but Sheriff Tom Hackney said it was clear that some kind of sex crime had occurred.

“With child victims, you get it bit by bit. These are traumatic events that happen to these young children,” he said.

He also urged parents to keep in mind the horrifying incident.

“Parents need to be vigilant. You never know what’s on the other side of a bathroom door. This is your chance to talk to your children. That goes for boys and girls,” says Hackney.

An unnamed family member of the victim spoke to WJXT in response to the backlash parents received for sending the boy in. bathroom without adult supervision.

“We taught the buddy system, and that’s what they did. She came up with the buddy system, and it was spoiled by an adult. It doesn’t matter how old you are, a grown man can hurt any age, male or female,” they explained.

“They are in a family restaurant, sitting just a few chairs away from the bathroom,” they said. “You can’t always stop everything. This man is crazy!”

It seems her assessment of Sykes is essentially correct.

In 2017, he was found incompetent appeared in court for that crime and was put in a mental hospital. He is still charged with child sex, loitering and snooping, and his qualifications will be reviewed later that year.

It is unclear what has become of him since then.

This poor boy’s family members are absolutely correct – you never know when a mentally ill person will be cruel to you.

At the same time, this is a sobering warning for parents of young, defenseless children everywhere to ensure that their little ones not only understand this threat, but also put themselves between predatory strangers and their offspring whenever possible.

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