‘The Witcher’ Reveals Another Look At The Wild Hunt From Season Two

witch's wild hunt

Afbeeldingen via Netflix

While Netflix’s The Witcher stuck on something with the second season, Wild Hunt failed to live up to expectations due to their limitations.

Of course, to call what is essentially a lavish guest appearance “limited screentime” would be an overstatement. The Wraith of Mörhogg only appears for a brief moment in the final act of the final episode. In fact, one could go as far as to think of this appearance as more of an intro to an unresolved story than a proper introduction to one of the most feared foes. that Geralt and Ciri face on their journey.

Executive Producer Lauren S. Hissrich promised that next season would fix this particular problem, but it’s still a long way off and we don’t even have a proper look at the Eredin drivers yet. Close your eyes as much as you can, because it’s really hard to find any important details about tantrums.

Fortunately, Netflix’s official Twitter account The Witcher decided to give us a proper look at the design for Wild Hunt by sharing a lot of concept art. As you can see for yourself below, each rider has a different and bone-chilling look.

Not to be explicit here, but if you think you’ve seen these sketches, it’s because the design for the real-life Wild Hunt resembles CD Projekt Red’s work. The Witcher 3: Wilde Jacht, though I think it’s safe to say that the similarity is a deliberate effort on the part of Netflix.

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