WhatsApp lets you create your own stickers in the app

Mukul Sharma. The tipper discovered the feature in a beta update of WhatsApp, which could mean users won’t have to wait much longer to see the feature live in the stable update.

Fortunately, the tipper provided us with a screenshot of the feature besides detecting its presence. The screenshot suggests that the user will see the text “create” and a ‘+’ icon, tapping on this icon may allow you to upload a photo to use as a sticker. You will also be provided with tools to edit stickers, so you can customize your stickers however you want.

WhatsApp new sticker feature

WhatsApp has had a sticker feature for quite some time, but you can only use pre-made stickers that the company provides and third-party stickers that you need to download from the Google Play Store. But now with the arrival of the ability to create your own stickers, you won’t have to depend on WhatsApp and third-party developers to express yourself through stickers.

The tipper did not share information about when the feature will be available to the public. But since it’s already available in beta, we expect a wider rollout to happen soon. The feature is also expected to be available to Android and iOS clients in the future. Again, we don’t know exactly when that will happen.

In other news, the instant messaging company is currently working a new version of the audio playback feature, this will allow the user to listen to the forwarded audio messages at different playback rates. The company owned by Meta is also Advanced ‘Delete for everyone’ feature.

Meanwhile, you can tap the comments section to let us know if you’re excited about the new sticker feature coming to WhatsApp. WhatsApp lets you create your own stickers in the app

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