Where to get sharp claws

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  • Where to find sharp claws

met Monsterjager staat op Now available on PC, there’s been a wave of new and old hunters wielding their favorite weapons in pursuit of glory. While Monsterjager staat op While very generous in providing starter gear for veteran players, there is still some collecting and crafting work to be done. To speed up that process and shorten grinding time, there’s just one or two handy guides that can help.

One crafting element that is found very early and can be used in many different sets is the Sharp Claw. They are found on a variety of low-level mini-monsters such as Ludroth and Jagras and are the key to craft some armor pieces and weapons like the Bone Scythe and the Bone Helm.


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Where to find sharp claws

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  • Ludroth’s low level carved body – 12%
  • Jagras Low Rank Engraved Body – 12%
  • Uroktor’s Low Level Carved Body – 18%
  • Rachnoid’s low-rank carved body – 15%
  • Izuchi’s Low Level Carved Body – 15%

Where to use sharp claws

Wapen maken

  • Bone Scythe (x3)
  • Bone Scythe II (x2)
  • Bone Slasher (x2)

Crafting armor

  • Stinky Muscles (x2)
  • Death Stench Grip (x2)
  • Anjanath Letters (x2)
  • Bone Helm (x1)
  • Letters of Rhenoplos (x1)
  • S. Studded Hat (x2)
  • Uroktor Torso (x1)
  • Letters of Izuchi (x1)
  • Izuchi Coil (x1)
  • Bone Vampire (x1)
  • Grease Drop (x1)
  • Ludroth Greaves (x2)
  • Letters of Nargacuga (x2)

Ludroth is found in the Wetlands and Lava Caves and is the target of the “Ladies of the Lake” and “Like a Flash of Lightning” quests. Jagras can only be found in the Shrine Ruins and the “Unious Peons” and “Like a Flash of Lightning” quests. Uroktor is found in areas 13 and 14 of the Lava Caverns and in the quests “The Lava Caverns Sweep” and “Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Security”.

Rachnoids are found in Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns in addition to the quest “The Lava Caverns Sweep”. You can find Izuchi in the Temple Ruins and the Frozen Islands in addition to the quests “Help with Maintenance”, “Get off the Defeatable Path”, “Dango Quest”, and “Temple Ruins Subcamp Security” worship”. Whether hunting alone or on a quest, players are bound to encounter these monsters almost everywhere.

There are many ways to harvest Sharp Claw through targeted hunts or while doing other hunts. With an abundant supply of small monsters in nearly every region, players should have few farming problems but more of them need to craft the gear they’re after. If you don’t need them, the item is sold for 50 Zenny.

Monsterjager staat op Now available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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