Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation Share a Special Thanksgiving Message for Gamers

Today, millions of people will gather around the table to eat turkey, with friends, and to give thanks. It’s Thanksgiving, one of the biggest annual US holidays. Traditionally, Thanksgiving has not been a productive day for US-based companies, many of whom have taken the day off to celebrate. However, Xbox, Nintendoand PlayStation still have some special messages to share with fans to celebrate the event, and they’re all pretty sweet.

Xbox has the most complicated state, sharing a picture of a Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S explode on controller with a distinctive turkey design. The photo is a spoof of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, an annual event that’s been going on since 1924. The parade typically sees some form of video game representation, as both Sonic and Pikachu all have balloons in the annual parade.


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PlayStation, on the other hand, has had the least complicated message to share, at least so far. The company just needs to tweet an image about Sackboy Put on a turkey costume and dance around. As for the celebration, it’s a pretty laid-back choice. There’s also a chance for PlayStation to have more to share later in the day, as it’s still pretty early on.

Finally, the official Nintendo of America Twitter account also had a celebratory image to share. Very simple post, boasts an unattached Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the screen. Scattered around the scene are a few small pumpkins and leaves, giving the whole picture a certain autumnal vibe. This image isn’t necessarily exclusive to Thanksgiving either. Instead, it’s simply an homage to companionship throughout the season.

It’s not uncommon for the three companies to share photos celebrating a special event. The three accounts regularly share celebratory images for holidays, milestones and any other major events happening on the same day. In particular, Xbox will be enamored not only with its own achievements, but also those of its competitors. It’s a bit of camaraderie in a competitive industry.

While these aren’t the most earth-shattering images, it’s nice to see Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo enjoy the holidays together. So far, 2021 has been an exciting year for games, with many revelations and surprises happening throughout. While fans may still be burned by the extreme delays and difficulty finding video game consoles, today is a day to put all of that inside and enjoy. a vacation with friends and family.

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