Arcane Fan blowing smoke in Jinx Showstopping cosplay

“Rules are made to be broken… just like buildings! Or people! ” – Jinx, League of Legends.

Last year was one of the best times to stick to Netflix. With so many great programs to choose from, such as The Witcher Part 2 and Squid fishing game, we think we’ve hit a peak in viewership. That is until Arcane cast its ugly self onto our screens.

Based on Forbes last November, Arcane Rated as Netflix’s best original series ever, and it’s really not hard to see why. Program based on MOBA League of Legends, blows things away with stunning animations and deeply complex (and very good) characters.

To continue the love that fans have for the show, cosplayer SeeU from China brings amazing heat in her Jinx from Arcane rally.

Western Forbidden Horizon | New Challenge Game Trailer



Western Forbidden Horizon | New Challenge Game Trailer





In the previous mantles, SeeU got inside Mavis’ soul from Hotel Transylvania and a series of open world RPGs by miHoYo The Genshin effect Characters include Barbara, Yoimiya and Ganyu.

This time, SeeU slipped inside the soul of Jinx, who was originally a character of League of Legends but recently introduced myself to Netflix, Arcane. Known for her manic and impulsive personality, Jinx enjoys wreaking havoc with no regard for the consequences as well as carrying her own brand of chaotic pandemonium wherever she goes.

Sporting Jinx’s bright blue hair and her amazing “out there” style, SeeU made it Arcane cosplay in more ways than one as you can see from the images below.

Personally, I especially love the transition between her Powder cosplay and her Jinx cosplay, which shows how talented 小柔 SeeU really is.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet Arcane However, do yourself a favor and go to Netflix right now to watch all nine episodes.

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