Battlefield 2042 Latest Update Fixes Bullet Spread and Nerfs Hovercraft And Helis

battlefield 2042 small bird art bannerbattlefield 2042 small bird art banner

It’s been a week since the much-awaited launch of Battlefield 2042, and as with most game releases, DICE’s latest Battlefield entry still needs a lot of tweaking. However, the team was quick to act on player feedback with Update 1 released shortly after the game’s launch, followed by Update 2 yesterday.

Update 2 introduces significant balance changes to a number of weapons and vehicles, and deals with the extremely unpredictable projectile propagation that has been reduced on all weapons except shotguns.

“For vehicles like the LCAA Hovercraft, MD540 Nightbird, KA-520 Super Hokum, and AH-64GX Apache Warchief, we made adjustments to make them better suited to other vehicles. On the weapon front, you can expect increased recoil for the PP-29 and more consistent spread for most weapons. “

The update also reduces the damage of all land pistols and adjusts their ammo to start earlier. A bug that prevented players from being killed near an obstacle from being resurrected and another that prevented dead players from being resurrected have been fixed. Downed players will now automatically redeploy after 30 seconds in the downed state.

Other unexpected weapon behaviors, visual issues, and other performance issues are expected to be fixed in Update 3 coming out next month. In the meantime, you can increase accuracy on most weapons thanks to the latest update. The full release notes can be found on Battlefield 2042 Official Website if you want to go into detail. Battlefield 2042 Latest Update Fixes Bullet Spread and Nerfs Hovercraft And Helis

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