Blizzard opposes World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle Over Deserters concerns


When the blizzard announced Solo Shuffle because the World of Warcraft, queuing alone mode has been announced as a work in progress, which aims to help bridge the gap for single queue people who are not yet being served by Group Finder. When creating the new mode, they admitted that they worked carefully before bringing it in 9.2: Eternity’s End.

There are concerns from the community, as shared by Worldpvp, a member of World of Warcraft Community Council, on the WoW forum regarding the potential for abuse in people leaving the queue and dropping their matches for any reason and the impact it could have on the remaining players . Developer Desvin responded to concerns about leaving and said that the team shares those concerns and that’s one of the reasons why they chose to start Solo Shuffle as a Brawler.

They also did it so that if someone leaves the game, they’ve lost all three rounds, effectively making them 0-6 in the game, and everyone else 3-3. By the way, it turns out that it is mostly washing for people who don’t leave it on the regular mode, but it is a waste of their time. Desvin’s response also adds another dimension of what they’re looking at:

“Secondly, we will be imposing a pretty hefty Deserter penalty to prevent people from lining up which will pile up with repeat departures. The first time you leave early can be 15 minutes. Subsequent early departures within a certain time frame (probably 24 hours) will increase the duration by 5 minutes. We need to provide some grace for the occasional internet disconnect, but leaving the matches constantly will be to the detriment of everyone.”

In terms of rewards, Solo Shuffle is also considered “the most effective way to earn Honor for 9.2”, while also having its own button on the PvP frame to separate it from the standard Brawls.

For more you can read the full question and answer in World of Warcraft Forum. Blizzard opposes World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle Over Deserters concerns

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