Bo-Katan Star Wars Series With Katee Sackhoff Rumored For Disney Plus

Disney Plus is on the rise when it comes to the popularity of Star Wars series such as Mandalorian and Books by Boba Fett. Therefore, the news that Disney Plus is in the process of adding another series to the franchise comes as no surprise. The studio is said to be in the process of working on a new series that will focus solely on the Bo-Katan Kryze character played by Katee Sackhoff.

The Bo-Katan character was first introduced to fans in Star Wars: Clone Wars, in which Sackhoff voices the role. Sackhoff seems to constantly find himself coming back Bo-Katan’s character in some shape or form. She reprized her role again in Star Wars, but that’s when The Mandalorian came to the scene where she finally had to build a solid foundation for her character.


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Now, That Hashtag Show claims their sources already know that Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan is the latest Star Wars characters to land their own Disney Plus series. The new show is set to choose the timeline wisely after the events that took place in third season of Mandalorian, has not yet been broadcast. It is reported that Bo-Katan intends to play an important role in the cancellation Rangers of the new republic but currently the project has stalled due to issues including Gina Carano’s derogatory comments, some story elements and characters that could be ported to the Bo-Katan series.

Bo-Katan Katee Sackoff Star Wars Series Disney Plus Rumor

The report also said to expect flashbacks in the Bo-Katan series, Unlike Books by Boba Fett. The new Bo-Katan series most likely won’t be available to stream on Disney Plus until late 2023 or early 2024. Luckily, fans already have a third season of the series. Mandalorian to help them prepare and get excited about Star Wars series.

Sackhoff said in an interview with etonline back when she first received word that she would be returning as Bo-Katan for the Disney Plus series that it was a dream come true. She said, “So when Bo-Katan came along, it was just an opportunity to survive in the world and really just live in childhood imagination and fantasies. Over the years, she’s become so important to more than just myself because I’ve been playing her for so long and I’ve really seen her grow as a character. She means a lot to me. It’s so special and it’s rare to be able to play her in live action. So there’s a lot of nerves that go with that. “

The stress and pressure she’s going through must have only increased with news that she might get her own spin-off series. After all, once the viewer witnessed Sackhoff as Bo-Katan in Mandalorian, fans have been wanting her to get her own spin-off series. Not much is known about the new series, other than that Sackhoff and Disney Plus are attached.

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The source: That Hashtag Program

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