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STOCKS OF CP: The CP Company announced its final anniversary project on the first day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, taking over the Industrial Facility with an exhibition showcasing the innovations in materials and dyes. defined the company’s 50-year history.

Throughout 2021, the brand, known for pioneering the technique of dyeing clothes in the 70s and for helping define the concept of Italian sportswear – is filled with references to military and pragmatic – as it is known today, was released almost Monthly discounts on new brands or special merchandise, in partnership with Patta, Sebago, Barbour, Adidas Spezial and Emporio Armani.

The exhibition, titled “Cinquanta: A Retrospective on 50 years of CP Company Sportswear Innovation”, re-examined the brand’s creative curve and textile direction, showcasing a selection of more than 70 items. drawn from its inventory of 30,000 products.

Flattened inside a paper-thin glass case, each prototype features a detailed description of what made them so innovative.

Lorenzo Osti, son of the company’s founder and company president since 2019, says “each of the 10 projects we undertake in 2021 establishes a dialogue and celebrates a in aspects related to the brand; they represent some meaningful view of the company, while the exhibition is more about celebrating the brand as a whole. “

Paying homage to 50 years of history is no easy task and Osti admits he may need a bit of a break after the rollout ends on Monday, but he is motivated to do so. continue.

The exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the establishment of JSC.

The exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the establishment of JSC.
With the permission of JSC

The brand is seeing rapidly growing sales in new markets, including France, where underground hip-hop styles are pervading the brand. This prompted the businessman to secure a high-profile spot in Marseille to open a flagship vessel, which will go on sale in the spring. This is followed by London opening in July, while the company is in talks for high-end spots in Amsterdam and Manchester.

He forecasts sales could hit the €100 million threshold next year, but he plans to use 2022 to better understand where the brand stands and what is attracting consumers to it.” turn them into loyal and returning customers.”

For more than 5 decades, JSC has attracted international young cultural elements, becoming famous for its “sun visor” introduced in 1988 and most recently entering a new phase of development strategy according to Chinese owner Tristate Holdings Ltd. C.P. Company’s Goggle Jacket, Garment-Dying Exhibited in Milan – WWD

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