Call of Duty: Mobile season 1, 2022 is called Heist

Call of Duty: Mobile is once again refreshing the season counter with the new year. The upcoming installment of one of the games in 2022 is called Heist.

As usual, the new season means a new battle pass. Free items in BP include the tactical item Storm Ball and PPSh-41 SMG at levels 14 and 21 respectively. The premium card will provide four new operators, Makarov — Kingfish, Yuri — Bratok, Iskra — Whitechapel, and Ajax — Bouncer. Besides, a lot of camels, blueprints and other items will be available in the battle of season one.

A new map will also enter the game this season. Black Ops 4′s Hacienda is now coming CoD: Mobile. The Nuketown map also takes on a new Chinese theme, which will be released a bit later in the season.


Heist is also bringing a new mode called Red Envelope. This limited time mode is based on the Lunar New Year and has a 10 vs 10 Kill Confirmation format. Players will drop red envelopes instead of dog cards in this mode.

Finally, a new operator skill was also introduced into the game in season one. The Storm Ball, which can be unlocked at level 14 of the match, uses a shield when thrown and blocks the enemy’s line of sight. Call of Duty: Mobile season 1, 2022 is called Heist

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