FalleN sends a heartfelt farewell message on his way out of the liquid

Counter-Strike veteran Gabriel “Fall” Toledo, his final farewell to Team Liquid was yesterday on the 13thorder December. 30 years old is reported put together a new Brazilian squad, sending a heartfelt message on the way out of the North American organization.

Despite a tumultuous year with Liquid, FalleN contributed to the team’s wins at cs_summit 8 and BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021, sometimes acting as the main AWPer and their car caller.

However, with Liquid unable to win any major tournaments and many basics on the list, the organization decided to undergo an overhaul ahead of the 2022 competitive season with FalleN, Michael “Frown” Wince and Jacky “Stewie2K” in December.

FalleN gives a heartfelt farewell message when leaving Team Liquid

FalleN is set to return to Brazil and begin its 2022 journey with a CS:GO roster that is being called ‘Brazil’s Last Dance’.

On the way out, the Brazilian star sent a heartfelt message to the organization and all its supporters.

He went on to talk about his experiences with the various members of Team Liquid, calling them great players and people around. He specifically said that Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski and Keith “NAF” Markovic is among the “the best players North America has ever seen”.

As for the fans, FalleN said that he’s been trying to give his best for Liquid and that he’s happy to have played for the organization, among many other things.

With his program in North America coming to an end, FalleN may be nearing the end of the highly-rated Brazil roster, which could be his last attempt at playing CS:GO professionally, before when it comes to deciding to hang up your shoes. FalleN sends a heartfelt farewell message on his way out of the liquid

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