Fan Creates Real Life Prototype Of One Of The Most Popular Apex Legendary Weapons

The Apex Legends The community is quite passionate and creative. The most recent example of this involves a real-life replica of one of the game’s most beloved weapons. Respawn Entertainment is known for designing weapons – and Apex Legends possibly the best example of this – and now fans are getting in on the action, too.

Apex Legends has a wide range of powerful weapons, and one of the favorites is the Wingman pistol. Though it requires a steady hand, the side-weapon has heavy bullets that deal deadly damage. It also looks quite unique, making it a gun that fanatics will be happy to have as a collector’s item. With that in mind, one fan recently created their own version of the pistol.


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Reddit user u/purehjeffs just uploaded an impressive post on the r/apexleosystem subreddit. Fans have created an exact real-life version of Wingman, one with lights, sounds, functions, and even a phone charger. One must be very dedicated to Apex Legends to capture all the intricacies of Wingman’s design, and it seems u/purehjeffs is just that.

The incredible Wingman replica has movable parts that give it a very precise feel Apex Legends version. By pulling the trigger, the hammer slams down and the clone makes a firing sound in the game. By sliding the reload button, Wingman separates a part, just like in the game. The same sound reloaded from Apex Legends also be played. The cylinder can even be pulled out to recreate the full reload animation.

Along with the appearance and sound of the gun, there are LED lights that indicate the amount of ammunition left in the weapon. With each pull of the trigger, that number will decrease. Once the animation reload is complete, the number resets back to 6. The final hit of the clone is that it also doubles as a phone charger, which is an ability that another clone has. gorgeous Wingman clone same from last year.

Apex Legends continues to be one of the more popular titles in all games. Battle Royale continues to grow and its fan base grows with it. The game’s inventiveness is one of its highlights, as everything from Legends to weapons has its own distinct character. It makes sense that fans would start making gun replicas, just as the game also has a very strong cosplay community.

Apex Legends Currently available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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