First Blue Archive Update of 2022 adds Cherino, Nodoka, and an Event

January 14, 2022 is here and brings with it the first Blue Archive update of the year. As usual, this means a variety of new content. In this case, it adds the A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala Blue Archive event, a new raid, and Cherino Renkawa and Nodoka Amami. 1,200 Pyroxenes is being given out to all players as well.

Both Cherino and Nodaka and the Blue Archive event involve the Red Winter Federal Academy. In the storyline, Cherino is attempting to reclaim her role as head of the academy. She’s a striker type character who uses handguns. Her attacks can also pierce. Meanwhile, Nodoka is a special character. She uses a sub-machine gun and increases’ allies accuracy. Depending on which characters are part of your team, you earn different event coins.

The raid is Total Assault – Chesed. As usual, Pyroxenes will be among the rewards for participating. (This is the currency you can use to pull for characters in the gacha.) It will only be available until January 17, 2022.

There are also two trailers to go along with the Blue Archive update. First, there’s a video going over the A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala event. It tends to focus on Cherino. However, it also shows Nodoka briefly too.
[embedded content]

There’s also a BGM playlist that goes along with the event and new characters. It features over an hour’s worth of music. All of it fits the theme of the Red Winter Federal Academy in-game.
[embedded content]

Blue Archive is available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

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