G2 gets their first win of the 2022 Spring Split after a late game Smite for Elder Dragon

G2 Esports took down Excel Esports today on the opening day of the LEC Spring 2022.

Despite bringing in three new players in the off-season phase, G2 is the favorite strong contender to overtake the first opponent of the season. In the end, they got the win. But it’s not as easy and one-sided as some might expect.

For the most part, the game is very uniform. Both sides switched shots and made mistake after mistake. It’s hard to pick a favorite champion in the first 30 minutes because neither side really stands out in terms of gold, elimination, or map control. The only exception is drakes. After the first half hour, G2 got 3 dragons and kept an eye on Ocean Soul.

But the G2 players made a crucial mistake just before the clock struck 30 minutes. They reacted negligently to Excel’s control of Baron, resulting in Nukeduck’s team securing the global target. From there, it seems that the Norwegian team has started to dominate the game. But that was the exact opposite of what happened.

G2 overcame Excel thanks to a clever dribble from Caps 4 minutes later. But without a neutral target to grab and without enough map control in their favor, they couldn’t really turn this small win into anything meaningful. As such, both teams are back in tit-for-tat trading.

The game ended five minutes later, and it took place in one of the most traditional fashions: a Smite battle for the Elder Dragon. Both sides are hesitant to pull the trigger and go all out, so Jankos and Markoon must try to prove who’s the better shooter at crucial moments. G2’s jungler won this one-on-one match, and after a teamfight that started a few seconds later, so did G2.

Two more matches will be played until the first day of European competition is over. The LEC continues with Misfits Gaming clashing against Astralis. You can catch all the action above LEC’s Twitch Channel. G2 gets their first win of the 2022 Spring Split after a late game Smite for Elder Dragon

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