Gigolo y La Exce & Jay Wheeler Show the ‘Dark Side’ of Love in ‘Chantaje’ Video Premiere

Gigolo y la Exce and Jay Wheeler have joined forces for “Chantaje,” premiering exclusively on Billboard below.

Kicking off with the melancholic lyrics “You were my sadness and my happiness/ A thorn that I can’t remove,” “Chantaje” (Blackmail) brings to the forefront “the dark side of a relationship that is going through difficult situations,” as described by the Puerto Rican duo in a statement.

Wheeler’s dulcet vocals fit in this new romantic reggaeton that follows Gigolo y la Exce’s old-school reggaeton “De La Mata.”


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

The music video, helmed by director Joseph Cavallini and produced by his company Sleeping on Mars, shows all three acts going about their days as a mysterious woman follows them around and snaps photos of them. The video unfolds two sides to the story: someone who chooses to move on from a relationship (despite their pain) and someone who has trouble letting go.

“Chantaje” marks Gigolo y la Exce’s first collaborative effort with Jay Wheeler and forms part of the duo’s upcoming studio album Las II Torres, expected to drop in 2022 under RIMAS.

Watch the music video below:

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