God of War Increase max health: How to get a bigger life bar

Find a way Maximize health in God of War is essential if you want to take on some of the game’s tougher enemies. Your initial max health isn’t trivial, but being able to take the extra penalty before you’re down is always helpful, especially when a troll is trying to take you down. Below, we will show you the items you need to find in God of War to increase max life bar.

How to increase Max Life Bar in God of War: Find Apples Idunn

God of War Health Booster Idunn Apple

God of War Health Booster Idunn Apple

There are several ways to increase your total health bar in God of War, but the most permanent is to collect items called Idunn Apples. When you get three Apple Idunn Kratos life bars will increase forever, regardless of any gear stats.

The trick is that Idunn Apples aren’t just hanging around everywhere in Midgard. Each of these items is locked behind a puzzle that you will have to solve. During your travels, you will encounter a Nornir Chest sealed with three runes. To open the chests, you’ll need to smash three nearby vases engraved with three ruins or ring three bells with runes on them for a limited time.

Opening these chests seems simple, but as the game goes on, the Nornir Chest rune puzzles get more and more complicated. However, they’re definitely something you’ll want to keep an eye on, and even if it takes you a while to figure out how to open them, it’s well worth the wait.

How to increase max health: Better Gear gear

Kratos’ health is adjusted by the Vitality stat, which can be raised by equipping better equipment or upgrading your current inventory. The more Vitality you have, the more health you have.

The new chest, belt and wrist armor will give you the most significant power-ups when it comes to Vitality. However, there are also talismans that can help you increase your stats quite a bit. However, you don’t always have to pay to give you Vitality. Having a huge health bar isn’t worth much if you don’t equip Kratos’ runic and power-up gear.

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