Horror movies underrated from 2021

A horror series has been released in 2021, with significant returns of iconic series like Candyman, Halloween Kills, Conjuring 3, A Quiet Place 2; the list goes on and on. With 2021 being a great year with remakes and a constant stream of fan favorites coming to fruition, other lesser-known horror films seem to have fallen short.

Although not famous, a large number of horror films were released this year that did not receive the same attention as other films. With so many talented directors, producers, actors, writers… in the world, sometimes it’s hard to see everything. While these are not appreciated horror movies from 2021 They may not explode at the box office, but they’re still worth watching.


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Lee Haven Jones'(Long call) feature launch Ceremony Is a Welsh fantasy horror film that is creepy, weird, morbid and grisly: everything one could want from a horror film. A wealthy family in the mountains of Wales throws a dinner party and invites only two guests: a businessman and a farmer, in the hope of closing a business. When an unusually quiet and mysterious waitress (Annes Elwy) appears as their waitress, she will slowly but surely change the family’s lives forever.

The movie is visually impressive, but horror body How scenes really make the movie: a beautiful slow-motion folk horror film. Cinematographer Bjørn Ståle Bratberg creates an instant chilling atmosphere with his detached villa, stunning shots of the long countryside and heavenly vistas, combined with the disturbing tones of inside the house: empty hallways and load-bearing walls. There’s not much dialogue, but this doesn’t detract from the plot; it really adds to the creepy tone of the movie. Haunting and mysterious, Ceremony creates an foreboding atmosphere from the very beginning. The feeling of anxiety never goes away, with the final shot of the film really bringing everything together. Ceremony It’s the perfect combination of cold, horrifying, and even pretty.


With Korean Film and TV as Parasites and Squid fishing game very popular in the US, it’s surprising that the Netflix original 8th night did not receive the same recognition. This gripping thriller is set to be released in July 2021. Director Kim Tae Hyung makes his personal mark for the first time in this incredibly thrilling and mysterious film. 8th night The premise seems a bit confusing, but once the introduction happens, it becomes enticing.

The movie opens the description a monster that, 1,000 years ago, possessed humans and thus created eternal suffering. Centuries later, Professor Kim Joon-Cheol (Choi Jin-ho) declares that he will be searching for spirits to prove that the legend is true, thereby awakening the monster. The banished monk and construction workers Chung-Seok (Nam Da-reum) and Park Jin-soo (Lee Sung-min) must now work together to try to stop the monster from destroying the world.

8th night does a remarkable job with a captivating mystery tone, consistently uncomfortable visuals, and disorienting cameras. Although it’s a bit hard to follow at times, the CGI, amazing acting, and action full of suspense make 8th night extremely attractive. Also, the girl with that creepy smile would make anyone shiver.


This 2021 French horror/sci-fi film definitely deserves more light. Although a simple premise has been used before, director Alexandre Aja (Hills with Eyes / Crawling) creates a new scene. Oxygen tells the story of a woman named Elizabeth (Mélanie Laurent) who wakes up in a frozen room with no memory of who she is or how she got there. All she has is an automated voice named Milo (Medical Interface Liaison) who refuses to open the room without a code, which she doesn’t have. The entire film takes place in a room, and Elizabeth must explore her life and memories with Milo’s assistance by searching through photos, videos, and articles, in which she discovers she is a frozen doctor. So is she responsible for getting herself in the chamber? Watch and find out, because this movie has so many twists and turns you won’t be able to turn back.

Filmed in July 2020, Oxygen also the last COVID movie. When interviewed for, director Aja said what he wanted audiences to take out of the film: “I wanted to create a truly intense journey for the audience. Something that will start with a feeling of dread and suffocation will eventually lead to hope for a better tomorrow. It’s a movie about life, life after death, a movie about so many different things. It’s a really thrilling horror movie, but that’s also how science fiction is supposed to be. “


There is nothing scarier than being stuck somewhere with nowhere to go. Those who love survival and trapped movies won’t have enough Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. The film directed by Adam Robitel is about six people who accidentally find themselves trapped in multiple escape rooms. The group has to work together to get out of the rooms, and they learn a lot about themselves at the same time. As the series goes on, more and more surprises are thrown for viewers: the group is told that they’ve all played the game before.

The movie is sequel to the 2016 movie Escape room, with the original cast of Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll and Taylor Russell reprising their roles. A combination of horror and comedy, Escape room feel like Hunger game on steroids. It’s one of those horror series that’s cheesy but at the same time beloved.

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