Is Hoopa Unbound Good in Pokemon GO & What’s Its Best Moveset?

After its Confined Form was released in September as part of the Misunderstood Mischief special research, players now have the opportunity to get themselves an Unbound Hoopa in Pokemon GO.

This new form arrives as the Season of Mischief comes to a close and it certainly looks a lot more impressive than the Confined Form.

While it may look tougher than its Confined counterpart, is Unbound Hoopa any good and can it hang with the heavy hitters in Pokemon GO. Let’s take a look at that, its max CP and its best moveset.

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Is Unbound Hoopa Good in Pokemon GO PVP?

Surprisingly, despite having a decent moveset and max CP, Unbound Hoopa doesn’t make much of a splash in Pokemon GO’s PVP modes.

While it doesn’t have many weaknesses, only a 4x weakness to Bug-type moves and a 2x weakness to Fairy-types, it only has one resistance (4x to Psychic-type moves). This can hinder Hoopa.

As for how it performs in PVP, let’s take a look.

It should be noted that firstly, Unbound Hoopa just doesn’t qualify for the Great League. It does qualify for the Ultra League, on the other hand, it just doesn’t do very well there.

PVPoke ranks it as the 499th best pick in the Ultra League, with Confined Hoopa sitting at 490th. It loses to almost all of the top Pokemon in the division, with Psychic-types including Chimecho, Grumpig and Mr. Mime all proving better picks.

Unbound Hoopa does perform slightly better in the Master League, but it’s still probably not worth your time. It comes in at a lowly 303rd place here with its only real wins coming against Meloetta and Mewtwo. Other than that, once again, it’s pretty useless.


How Does it Do in PVE and Raids?

Again, Unbound Hoopa doesn’t perform too well in PVE and raids either.

A lot of this is due to its typing, with only a handful of Legendary Pokemon being weak to Psychic-type moves. Generally, Psychic Pokemon that are weak to Dark-type moves are also weak to Ghost-types, which renders Unbound Hoopa’s secondary typing pretty pointless.

All in all, it’s not an awful pick, there are just far better options out there, that are much easier to obtain.

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