Is Toru Hagakure the UA traitor in My Hero Academia?

Recently, vandals for My Hero Academia Chapter 335 appeared online, and interestingly, the leaks revealed the identity of the traitor UA. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga.

Before My Hero Academia The chapters were really tense, mainly because of the incredible confrontation between Star and Stripe and Shigaraki. America’s greatest hero had a hard time killing Shigaraki, but she erased some quirks from Shigaraki’s body with One Order.

Of course, All Might realizes this is the best time for UA to defeat Shigaraki and All For One. However, it doesn’t seem like things will get any easier for the heroes.

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My Hero Academia comic trailer



My Hero Academia comic trailer





My Hero Academia’s UA traitor is revealed

On the one hand, All Might assured everyone at UA that they finally had a chance to defeat AFO. And All Might’s words are seen as a ray of hope for Midoria and her classmates. On the other hand, we have Shigaraki screaming in pain after his battle with the Star and Stripes. All For One, the one who told Shigaraki was “My other side,” ask him to stay until the Quirk element is stabilized.

However, Shigaraki is frustrated with All Might’s existence, so he doesn’t want to stop until he kills everyone who remembers All Might’s face. Dabi also lost patience because he couldn’t bear to see his father alive and well.

All for One says that he has forged several paths over the past ten years to achieve his goals. He said that even though Midoria was back in UA, their win was still confirmed because he “many friends.” And that’s when we see Shigaraku’s eyes looking towards the light, and suddenly the console takes us to UA, where we see Toru Hagakure.

So if the leaks are to be believed, it pretty much confirms that Shigaraki is hinting Toru Hagakure is his friend. So the bubbly and fun girl we know My Hero Academia is a traitor to UA.

Obviously, some MHA fans were expecting Hagakure to be the traitor, but this revelation also took some fans by surprise. Anyway, it’s important to note that these leaks come from a rough scan of the latest chapter, so make sure to read the official chapter when it arrives this weekend on Viz.

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