Newly Single People Can Now Get Paid $1K To Listen to Sad Break-Up Songs

There’s nothing worse than going through a break-up, with the weeks and months afterwards usually spent in your pajamas eating ice-cream.

Binge-watching television while crying with your friends is also high on the list, as is listening to music (while avoiding “your song”).

But you can now put your tears to good use and get back at your ex by earning $1,100 by listening to sad break-up songs for 24 hours.

FinanceBuzz is looking for one recently single person to take on the role of “DJ of heartache,” and listen to some of the most “infamous” break-up tunes.

“We’re looking to ease both the emotional and monetary pain for one heartbroken soul,” they said.

The singleton will be tasked with categorizing the songs into five playlists, intended to become “the soundtrack of every break-up phase.”

The five stages include denial, anger, relapse, depression and acceptance—aka moving on.

Explaining more about the role—and the amount—the job ad says: “FinanceBuzz is looking to pay a music lover who is currently going through a break-up or still recovering from one to listen to 24 hours of break-up songs and help us create the ultimate playlists for every stage of heartbreak.”

They claimed with “break-up season” peaking in March, the playlists should help future exes get through the coming months.

PR shot from FinanceBuzz.
PR shot from FinanceBuzz. The site is looking to pay one lucky singleton $1,100.

They came to the figure by estimating how much it costs to get back on our feet after having our heart broken.

“The costs of break-up can include getting a new place and possibly hiring movers, buying new furniture and other items, taking full responsibility for once-shared bills, and more…

“If it’s a marriage ending, the legal fees surrounding the split can also lead to divorce debt or other financial issues. We estimate it takes someone at least $1,100 to get back on their feet after a break up.

“There’s the Netflix subscription you’re no longer sharing ($20/month), the premium dating profile so you can find your rebound (another $20/month), a few therapy sessions ($600—therapy is expensive!) and, of course, some ice cream for when it’s time to eat your feelings ($20).

“FinanceBuzz will provide the hired DJ of Heartbreak with $1,100 that they can use to get over their break-up in whatever way they choose,” they confirmed.

Anyone looking to apply will need to send in their application by January 31, with the winner announced by February 2.

The solo soul will have between February 2 and 6 to complete their musical marathon.

You’ll need to be over 18 and based in the U.S. to apply, and you’ll need to share your go-to break-up song with the team (Adele, we’re looking at you). To apply, click here.

Singers Adele and Taylor Swift.
Singers Adele and Taylor Swift with various awards, in 2017 and 2021. The women are well-known for writing songs about heartbreak.
Dave J Hogan / Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

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