Next KOF XV Team Backstory Focuses on Krohnen, Kula, and Angel

The KOF XV Team Krohnen backstory is live on the official site, introducing what Kula Diamond, Angel, and Krohnen are up to ahead of the game. However, it’s a bit of an unexpected situation. It turns out Kula’s run away. When she did, she ended up “kidnapped” by Krohnen and Angel. It also confirms that Krohnen’s name isn’t really “Krohnen,” alluding to the possible K9999 background.

Things begin with Angel heading to the current hideout Krohnen and Kula are in ahead of KOF XV. Somebody familiar is tracking them to reclaim Kula. She insists she ran away and they tagged along, while the two of them seem to have ulterior motives. When it seems that K’ is on their tails, the three head off. The new tournament seems to be their destination. It’s then that Angel asks, “”…Say, what name were you going by, again?” At that point, it is confirmed “Krohnen” is an alias.

Each KOF XV backstory offers reasons for why teams are gathering together. The last one explained why Antonov and both King of Dinosaurs and Ramon are together.

KOF XV will appear on February 17, 2022 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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