No Way Home ‘Return has been kept secret


Willem Dafoe opened up about how Marvel and Sony managed to keep his great comeback as Green Goblin in Spider-Man: There’s no way home a secret in the production process. Dafoe is one of five legacy villains to return for the blockbuster third season, but his turn as Norman Osborn is arguably the most important in the story since Tobey Maguire’s arch-nemesis plays the role. serves as the main antagonist of the film and creates a whole new rivalry with Tom Holland on the front page.

Despite how important he was to the film, Dafoe’s involvement remained unconfirmed for a long time until the series ended, with the return of Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx. as Doc Ock and Electro leaked much earlier. Chat with host Jimmy Fallon on Tonight’s show, trilogy star Raimi revealed about the extreme methods that have been adopted to reduce the chances of fans finding out he’s back as the Goblin.

“They did it wonderfully. These Marvel movies have a huge fan base. People are very curious about them. Even when they’re made, people are still trying to figure out what’s going on,” Dafoe began. “They decided to keep some elements secret.”

Dafoe explained that he covered himself from head to toe when he got to the set. He was also encouraged not to go out during his stay in Atlanta, Georgia, where There is no way home shot, so there would be no proof he was in the area – which is usually all the people on the internet needing to put the pieces together.

“When I got to the set, they put me in a black robe and always left me in a car with dark windows. And they didn’t want me hanging out anywhere because they didn’t want anyone to know I was in town making a movie. And I didn’t think it would work, but really, it did,” said Dafoe. “Just before the movie was released, they started alluding to the trailers. So it was cool. ”

While there were rumors that Osborn was back because NWH, the lack of concrete evidence ensures that fans can never be 100% sure this is true. Until, as Dafoe reminds us, his return was confirmed in the first trailer for the epilogue to Jon Watts’ trilogy, which includes some pumpkin bomb footage and a clip Dafoe’s unmistakable sound. Even so, the marketing misled us into how important he would prove to be, placing the focus instead on Molina’s Otto Octavius.

All secrecy ends up paying dividends like Spider-Man: There’s no way home Abbreviation is highest grossing movie of the pandemic era, completely dwarfed Willem Dafoe’s other movies launched this December in the process. No Way Home ‘Return has been kept secret

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