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Kobe Bryant’s death was one of the most horrifying news to NBA fans last year. The 5-time NBA champion is not only an outstanding player in the league, but also a respected player across all other sports leagues.

His tenacity and tenacity towards being the best is what makes him one of the greatest players the league has ever seen. A son’s fearlessness and anger that the court could not shake.

He started with the LA Lakers in 1996 and has played 20 seasons with the same franchise, and with each season he’s just made himself better and better. His desire to excel drives him to work on honing his gaming skills and senses.

So if he complements someone, even though it’s a rare sight, one knows how impressive they are on the pitch.

Former teammate Pau Gasol pays tribute to Kobe Bryant

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Pau considers Kobe like his brother and after Kobe’s death, Pau was always by Bryats’ side; at Halloween, Thanksgiving. When he recently appeared on a show to promote his new doc “Pau Gasol: It’s About the Journey,” he revealed how to name his daughter Giani, which he wanted to pay homage to. to the late Kobe Bryant.

Anyone who has played with Kobe knows this as Kobe truly breathes basketball and his respect and sincerity towards the game is commendable. Many people have paid their respects to the Legend but his former teammate Pau Gasol Named her newborn daughter Gianna Gason after Gianna Bryant, the daughter of Kobe Bryant, who was also the victim of a helicopter crash along with Kobe and 7 others in January 2020.

Pau Gasol played for the LA Lakers for 7 years, and during those years the Lakers were at their peak. Pau announced the news via Instagram as he and his wife, Catherine, welcomed their daughter together. He captioned the photo with “Our little one has finally arrived! The delivery went very well and we couldn’t be happier!! Elisabeth Gianna Gasol, a very meaningful name for our super beautiful daughter !! He also added a hashtag #girldad showing Kobe as a proud father of 4 young daughters.

Later, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s Wife, also commented on the photo with “Here is my goddaughter!!!!”

The post was widely shared by fans on Twitter and everyone was sad but happy for the couple.

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