‘Peacemaker’ Fans Who Shocked This Batman Character Is Now DCEU Canon


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This article contains very small additions to People of Peace volume two.

People of Peace premieres on HBO Max this Thursday, and DC fans eagerly await more R-rated wilds later. Suicide Squad won’t be disappointed. Writer/director James Gunn has continued his summer 2021 blockbuster with something both fresh and unremarkable. Case in point, a throwaway exchange made a favorite Batman character from the Silver Age part of the DCEU rules. And the fans couldn’t believe it.

The first two episodes of People of Peace watch John Cena’s Christopher Smith repeatedly mock Steve Agee’s John Economos. So when Economos had to sew Smith back up after a fight in episode two, he wasn’t very keen. The tech guy started listing the people he’d rather spend time with than Peacemaker. “I’d rather be with f—– ‘Bat-Mite than you,’” Economos interrupted, sending every DC fan watching back ten seconds.

Yep, it’s official. Bat-Mite is part of the DCEU! For those unaware, Economos provides a hilarious synopsis of the character, explaining to a confused Smith that he is “a two-foot tall multi-talker who stares at Batman. “. Though originally a comic relief character from the 1950s/60s, Bat-Mite has made occasional appearances in comic books and other media in the decades since. But a nod to him in this franchise is unexpected.

The Bat-Mite was back and forth with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. Let it sink in.

It’s crazy that Bat-Mite has been part of a previous DCEU, such as Dick Grayson.

OK, but now that Gunn has named him, he can’t just leave it at that, can he? So let’s start the campaign to get Bat-Mite in season two!

Perhaps with Gunn in charge of the franchise, we could get a Bat-Mite movie?

One fan noted People of PeaceBat-Mite references when they caught Gunn talking about the incident on Twitter in February 2020, around the time he was writing the script.

The first three episodes of People of Peace now available on HBO Max. ‘Peacemaker’ Fans Who Shocked This Batman Character Is Now DCEU Canon

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