Pokemon: Who is Ash’s father?

Ash Ketchum has been a staple of Pokemon anime since it first started airing in 1997. His adventures throughout Pokemon The world has seen him befriend a number of Pokemon, be introduced to many companions, and grow as a character through various trials and tribulations. Fans have learned a lot about Ash from watching him progress on his quest to become a Pokemon Master, but there are certain aspects of his life that remain a mystery.

Much of the series focuses on Ash’s relationship with his Pokemon and friends, but what is often not mentioned is Ash’s family background. Although fans are well aware of Ash’s mother, Delia, a prominent member of the Ketchum family who has never appeared in the books or its movies is Ash’s father. Very little information about him has been revealed in the series and its many films, and although he has nothing to do with the anime’s story, fans still can’t help but wonder about the mysterious man. who is this.


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What We Know About Ash’s Dad


Ash’s father is rarely mentioned in the Pokemon anime. The series Haven’t really given much information about him yet, let’s save a few lines of dialogue here and there. Apparently the screenwriters never thought it necessary to introduce the character, as the storyboard artist Masamitsu Hidaka stated that he would only be given a larger role if he needed to support the development. of Ash as a trainer and character. So far, it doesn’t have to be, as the series has done a great job of evolving Ash through Pokemon and his friends.

From what has been said about the character, fans know that Ash’s father is a Pokemon Trainer, presumably from Pallet Town, who is on a Pokemon journey of his own. This seems to be a common name for the Ketchum family, as Ash’s grandfather in question followed a similar path.

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In Takeshi Shudo’s Pocket Monsters: The Animation novel, Ash’s father is more like an absent father. In the meager information provided, eldest brother Ketchum began his Pokemon journey shortly after his son was born and has never been heard from since. Unable to register his name along with other Pokemon Trainers, tracking him is completely impossible unless he reaches out his hand.

Ash mentions his father in Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. Though brief, Ash recalls that his father always supported and encouraged his son’s dream of becoming a Pokemon Trainer. The original series that did not use the character in over twenty years was on the air, but alternative sequels could.

Someone PokeDad?

Ash delia ketchum mysterious father

Due to a lack of information, many fans have been trying to solve the mystery behind Ash’s bloodline origins throughout the series’ decades-long run. While entertaining, these theories can range from slightly plausible to outright ridiculous, with some fans being very ambitious with their reasoning.

A popular fan theory is Team Rocket’s Giovanni is actually Ash’s father. Although Giovanni is Silver’s father in the games, his anime partner is not known to have any children, with Madame Boss being his only confirmed relative. Theory that Giovanni intentionally brought in the underdogs Rocket Trio in charge of stealing Ash’s Pikachu as a way for them to keep an eye on him. While it’s an interesting premise, Ash and company have been put in many life-threatening situations over the years, sometimes at the hands of the Rockets. Meaning that if Giovanni is really Ash’s father, not only has he abandoned his son, but he is also responsible for some pretty serious harm to children.

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Another theory throws the series’ Narrator into the mix, claiming that the Pokemon anime is just a proud father’s retelling of his son’s adventures. It’s a nice sentiment, but there’s nothing to make the viewer believe that the Storyteller actually exists in Pokemon world. Other fans have speculated that the anime-exclusive Sir Aaron, Bruno, Silver, and even Professor Oak could be Ash’s father. Each of these makes for interesting story developments but In the end, it’s just conjecture.

Although he will likely never be revealed or shown in any meaningful way, Pokemon fans will always ponder the identity of Ash’s father. While many other prominent characters have yet to discover their origins, the mystery of Ash’s father’s identity has always been one that fans have been eager to solve. Unless the character is officially introduced in the future, expect viewers to remain curious.

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