Police Suspect ‘Bad’ After Gay Rights ‘Hero’ Jorge Diaz-Johnston Found Dead at Florida Dump

The body of a prominent figure in the Florida gay rights movement was found in a landfill last week, and authorities now believe his death was the result of “bad game”.

Jorge Diaz-Johnston, 54, was found dead in a Jackson County dump days after the Tallahassee Police Department announced they are looking for for gay rights advocates who disappeared on January 3.

Follow Democratic Party of Tallahassee, A family friend posted on Facebook that morning that Jorge was missing and had not been seen since about 3pm. This friend said that he did not bring his car.

Tallahassee police spokeswoman Alicia Turner confirmed that Diaz-Johnston’s body was found in a landfill on Saturday morning.

“Our preliminary findings have helped us determine that foul play is suspected in this case,” Turner told The Daily Beast on Thursday, adding that the autopsy has been completed. Details of his death have yet to be made public.

In 2014, Diaz-Johnston and her husband, Don Diaz-Johnston, were one of six same-sex couples who sued the Miami-Dade County Clerk’s Office for denying their marriage license. The couples won when a Miami-Dade ring judge sided with them, and Florida became the 36th state to overturn a ban on same-sex marriage in 2015. Finally Jorge and Don married on May 28. March 2015, Democratic Party of Tallahassee reported.

On Wednesday, Don Diaz-Johnston struggled to shared the devastating news of his mate’s passing in a Facebook post with friends and family, saying that his husband has “touched so many people with his kind and generous heart.”

“I couldn’t stop crying while writing the test. But he means so much to all of you as he did to me. So I’m trying to get through the tears to share with you our loss of him,” he wrote. “It was all too sudden.”

About 9:30 a.m. Saturday, a driver for a garbage company “was on his way back to Okaloosa County to pick up an additional box when he received a call to contact law enforcement.” Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office speak. Less than an hour later, Tallahassee police were determined the rest belongs to Johnston-Diaz.

Tallahassee detectives are investigating Johnston-Diaz’s death as a homicide, police said. No suspects have been publicly identified in the case.

The 54-year-old’s brother is Manny Diaz, the Florida Democratic Party chairman and former Miami mayor. He acknowledged the legacy of his siblings in a statement on Thursday.

“My brother is a special gift to this world, whose heart and legacy will live on for generations to come,” he said.

In one statement On Thursday, Equality Florida said members of a gay rights group were “heartbroken” by the discovery and hailed Diaz-Johnston and his husband as “two of the brave plaintiffs” who challenged state gay marriage ban.

“Jorge is an important part of this historic lawsuit, which is one of the biggest moments of the LGBTQ civil rights movement in Florida history,” the group’s deputy director, Stratton Pollitzer, told LIVEDemocratic Party of Tallahassee. “It’s incomprehensible to hear that one of our heroes has been taken from us.”

When asked about a potential motive and whether there is any evidence pointing to a crime, Turner said that the results of the investigation to date do not suggest that Johnston-Diaz’s death has anything to do with his operating history. or not, but the investigation is still ongoing.

“We are looking at all the avenues that have taken place to bring justice to the family and the victim,” she said. Police Suspect ‘Bad’ After Gay Rights ‘Hero’ Jorge Diaz-Johnston Found Dead at Florida Dump

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