Relicta is the next free game on the Epic Games Store

At this point, everyone knows the Epic Games Store drill. The Fortnite Kings over at Epic Games releases a free game weekly, allowing players to join and experience a new title for free. Just installing the Epic Games Store launcher is a good thing, as you might sooner or later find a game that interests you. If you haven’t jumped into the Epic Games frenzy yet, maybe this is the week for you. Relicta, the first-person physics-based puzzle game will be free on the Epic Games Store next week.

Now, I wasn’t the star of high school physics. In fact, I failed brilliantly, with low scores all around. So maybe a physics-based gameplay isn’t for me, as my brain can’t properly understand why or how objects fly through the air. But maybe you’re different from me and want to give the game a chance. In fact, Relicta was well received by us, so most players will probably enjoy it anyway.

Physics is hard to understand

Relicta free from January 20 to January 27, so you have a little time before preparing your brain for some brain teasers. In the meantime you can download and play Galactic Civilization III, which is this week’s free game. It’s a strategy game that makes you feel like you’re in some cosmic play, so give it a try if you like that kind of setting. Galactic Civilization III will be free this whole week until January 20th, so download it now before your chance fades into a black hole.

You can visit Epic Games Store website Check out this week’s and next week’s free games. After RelictaThe free week on the Epic Games Store is over, you’ll need to purchase the game for $19.99 USD.

Free epic game store Relcta Relicta is the next free game on the Epic Games Store

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