Riot will end League of Legends Pro View next month

Since then League of Legends esports introduced Pro View, fans and analysts alike were able to get a special and in-depth look at how their favorite stars played their games. However, next month will be the last time people use its features.

Pro View will be shutting down on February 1, according to a Official announcement on the website. This decision stems from a disinterest in the service as a standalone subscription-based program, although Riot has noticed some significant interest in player POV feeds.

These feeds are used to watch players as they compete in their stage games. Fans can even see their cursors, where they’ve placed the camera, and how they’ve set up their items and writing. Initially, people will have to pay $14.99 to use Pro View and will have access to the POV feed, as well as the VOD of every game in the LCS, LEC, and in international events.

There is already a free POV feed offered for certain matches, but if you want the ability to switch between player and team you need to pay a premium registration. Riot is still finding different ways to bring up similar content League future fans. But in the meantime, die-hard fans will have to do without Professional view.

The Spring 2022 LEC and LCS Lock In 2022 are both set to kick off today, so even though Pro View may be out, fans still have plenty of action to look forward to this season. Riot will end League of Legends Pro View next month

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