Spice Wars gameplay details and early access plans

One of The Game Awards 2021’s biggest surprise announcements was the reveal of Dune: Spice Wars, an RTS based on the iconic science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. Beyond the obvious inspiration from the 1992s Sand dune 2, what many consider to be the first modern RTS, little is said about the game. However, that has now changed, as developer Shiro Games has dropped many new details regarding Dune: Spice Wars. That includes Shiro’s plans for an early release and future content introduction.


To begin with, Shiro Games makes it clear that it sees Dune: Spice Wars It’s both a real-time strategy game and a 4X game. It characterizes this by saying Dune: Spice Wars will feature “slower-than-usual” RTS gameplay, including the ability to pause and fast forward. Furthermore, it focuses on 4X main fields exploration, territorial control, economic growth and combat, as well as politics and espionage. Even so, Shiro said that the 4X factors won’t reduce Dune: Spice Wars‘RTS experience.

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For RTS players worried that this means Dune: Spice Wars won’t be a RTS base construction, which is unfortunately correct. While Dune: Spice Wars will allow the player to build the active base, it will not have the build arrangement feature. Shiro describes it as Dune: Spice Wars has “much larger scale” than typical RTS. Suffice it to say that the planet Arakkis is vast, and the player will manage much larger territory than most RTS games are framed in.

Another key revealed regarding Dune: Spice Wars‘the gameplay is that it will have procedurally generated maps. The map will have size settings, as well as in-game mechanics like sandworm works, but is otherwise completely generated. Of course, the locations in those maps will be authored, including key locations from Sand dunes novel.

For the way Dune: Spice Wars to be released, Shiro and the publisher Funcom plan to use the Early Access format. That means an earlier, thinner version of Dune: Spice Wars will be released on Steam first. Content will then roll out over time until Shiro considers the game complete. That said, Shiro said it plans to deliver a “very good” game on day one, with player feedback shaping the game from there.

The current plans are to launch without major aspects of the game, including multiplayer and a campaign. Instead, they will be released later as part of the Early access for Dune: Spice Wars. One thing that Shiro said isn’t currently planned is mod support, although it could be convincing otherwise. Looking forward to hearing more about Dune: Spice Wars in the coming months.

Dune: Spice Wars Released in 2022 on PC.

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