The Washington Post Offers Thanksgiving Dinner Advice That Will Probably Disappoint Most Americans From Participating In Traditional Foods Too

An article in The Washington Post on Wednesday suggested that climate change could lead to the replacement of Thanksgiving staples with lab-grown meat, plant-based meat alternatives and cricket meat.

Hot summers, wildfires, droughts, and floods can take a toll on American agriculture and make seasonal favorites like Pumpkin and turkey hard to come, follow posts authors.

The article explains that weather phenomena have forced farmers to relocate certain crops: Southerners are moving their turkeys north due to storm risks, and warm weather in the Northeast are making cranberries more vulnerable.

According to the article, while climate change affects agriculture, agriculture is also the cause of climate change. The authors report: “Agriculture is responsible for up to 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of freshwater use.

To counter this, the article encourages readers to “look at crickets in your shell,” arguing that insects like weevils, crickets and grasshoppers are high in protein and other nutrients and low in emissions.

Insect snacks have become a popular novelty in the US in recent years. Attendees of baseball games in Seattle in 2017 ate 18,000 grilled crickets in three nights. In addition to processed plant-based meat alternatives, climate activists say adding bugs to the American diet could help fight climate change.

Writing in the Washington Post, columnist Sonny Bunch suggested that the film’s environmental villains would do well in the role because the latter want to make most people’s lives worse. America becomes more difficult.

He Written in January 2019:

Environmentalists make a useful villain because their malice can be masked by a shell of rationality. Global warming and other man-made problems will end the world if we don’t do something – so anything makes sense! But their villains resonated with the masses because they really wanted to make people’s lives worse, for the most part.

There’s a reason France has been convulsed in recent weeks, as middle-class protesters angered by taxes pushed by environmentalists take to the streets. Environmentalists want to increase the cost of everyday goods and services by taxing carbon. They want you to fly less and pay more, through offsets, when you fly. They want you to stop eating meat. They want you to stop having children. They want to strip you of your disability-friendly plastic straws – and they’ll come to buy your fun balloons. They want to turn your corpse into plant food because even a sweet deliverance to death cannot save you from the threat of environmentalists.

There’s no aspect of your life that environmentalists don’t want to learn, no area that’s immune to their interference: think of the poor small entrepreneurs whose livelihoods are destroyed by a deranged EPA official in the classic 1984 film “Ghostbusters”. On the plus side, this makes them pretty solid villains. Looking forward to seeing more of them in our big budget movies in the future.

]NS Daily Caller News Organization contributed to this story.] The Washington Post Offers Thanksgiving Dinner Advice That Will Probably Disappoint Most Americans From Participating In Traditional Foods Too

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